Posted on 20 Sep 2013


Initially when we decided to arrange this isle of work we had to overcome some resistance related to skepticism of those who saw the work very complicated and this complexity could have negatively influenced the final result.

Now, at 2 years from the installation of the system, we can say that all of the choices were appropriate and that the result exceeded the expectations set.

With our system, we are able to keep monitored every specific item manufactured and for each of these a report is generated bound to the identifier of each piece. So you can maintain complete traceability of all machined parts and automatically all data is archived in electronic format and can be used at any time, from any remote position of Quality Control. (post continues after pictures)


Mori Seiki NT1000 has been purchased to meet the growing demands of increasingly complex work pieces whose programming on the machine was always more burdensome both in Terms of difficulty and in terms of time. The NT is simultaneously a center for milling and turning together; it performs continuously work in progress on 5 axes and is able to achieve very high accuracies.

The machine has incorporated the most powerful CAM software currently available that is ESPRIT, an essential tool for the creation of machine programs of high complexity.

The NT is globed within a working station that is totally autonomous and robotic able to work 24 hours a day without any supervision. The isle for loading and unloading parts from the work center , from the labeling center, from the deburring isle, employs a robot ABB perfectly interfaced and synchronized with each input arising from the various stations.

The robot can detect the arrangement in space of the parts to load into the machine by means of a visual system scan. Once the component the robot , with the help of a touch probe , grabs it and loads it into the machine and at the same time performs the discharge of the previous work that is blown , smudged and labeled. After this each part becomes unique

The next step involves continuous monitoring with Duramax Zeiss which declares the conformity of the measured . At this point the item has two streets or the suitability or to be rejected for failure to comply, in any case, a report is generated that will remain in the archive.

Regardless if the part is good or not in accordance the measuring machine performs an average of every single quote measured over the last 5 pieces and if there is a major deviation from specifications to ensure the correction of the measure which is communicated to the work center , all this makes that the percentage of rejected part is reduced to zero.